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You're just moments away from getting started
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As you'll discover, it is a very easy tool to use, and in no time you'll be creating awesome videos and voiceovers. These assets will no-doubt help you and your clients generate new leads, sales, and help you build a more profitable business.

Once you've "tasted" how simple and powerful it is, you'll want to do it again and AGAIN!

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On this page you can grab the special PRO features that are going to take
your business to the next level. We estimate that this upgrade will increase your profit-producing power by a factor of 30X for selling videos and voiceovers!


Unlock Additional features of:

  • Unlimited number Of Voiceovers
  • Longer Videos up to 2000 characters per video
  • Merge files & create longer voiceovers
  • Create Videos from content Merge & local merge
  • Upload videos from local and edit in built in video editor
  • 2 GB Video Storage
  • 10,000+ downloadable stock files
  • 5 exclusive Bonuses
  • Longer voiceovers up to 5000 characters in personal license or 10,000 characters per voiceovers in commercial license

This upgrade is all about taking things to the next level so you get the best results possible, save time, and maximize your profits with VidVoicer. If you want to create a 6-figure business in 2022 then you NEED this upgrade.

Get Instant Access To All Pro Features You Need To Save Time And Boost Your VidVoicer Profits Overnight

Voiceover Can be Up to 5,000 –
10,000 Characters Each!

With your current VidVoicer membership, you can convert text to speech up to 1000 - 3000 characters at a time. That's a good start, but with higher limits you can create longer voiceovers, videos, audiobooks, and podcasts.
With the PRO upgrade, you can create longer voiceovers:

  • Personal License - Up to 5,000 Characters Each!
  • Commercial License - Up to 10,000 Characters Each!

Going Pro will help you create more services and do larger projects for your clients.

Instant Whiteboard Videos can be
up to 2000 Characters Per Video

We are providing you a double upgrade here. In your current membership, you can make instant whiteboard videos up to the limit of 1000 characters per video. In the PRO version we have doubled the limit to 2000 characters. That gives you a lot more flexibility for creating sales videos, squeeze page videos, and explainer videos.

Edit Videos Uploaded From Your
Computer With Our Built-in Editor

This is an incredible feature which lets you edit any video that you upload locally from your own computer. You can trim, crop, add voiceovers, music, watermarks, and logos to any video in our built-in video editor. Just upload the video file from your computer into the editor.

Join Multiple Videos
Using Merge

Join your shorter videos together to create a longer video right inside the VidVoicer dashboard using the PRO Merge feature.

  • Merge videos made directly on the VidVoicer platform
  • Create Videos by merging videos uploaded from your computer

The Merge feature is available only in the PRO Commercial License option, so that you can provide these larger projects for your clients.

Longer Voiceovers Using
Merge Option

With PRO, you can create longer voiceovers by merging voiceover files. This enables you to create longer audiobooks and podcasts. These PRO features will save you time and effort by reducing your work, so you can complete longer jobs in one go.
Available only in the PRO Commercial License option, so that you can provide these high-dollar services to your clients.

Video Storage
Increased to 2GB!

In your current membership, you can store up to 1GB of video files in our cloud storage.
With PRO we are DOUBLING the limit to a full 2GB. If you fill that limit, you can simply download some of the files to your computer to free up space on your cloud storage.
With this increased storage you can rest easy, knowing your projects are safe.

10,000 High-Quality Stock Videos

With the ability to render unlimited videos in any niche within VidVoicer,
we want to boost your creative power and make your job even easier. So in this PRO upgrade we're adding a library of 10,000 stock videos that you can use in any of your projects!
The videos are organized into topics to make it easy to find the right ones for your clients.

Multiple Languages

With the PRO upgraded text limits and merge features, you can create full length pocasts. And remember, we have dozens of languages, so you can create podcasts in multiple languages so you can expand your market reach! Maybe you wanted to start a podcast but didn't have time, or maybe your clients need podcasts created. Now you can let VidVoicer do the heavy lifting of generating the voiceovers and audio files!

Easily Make & Sell High Ticket
Evergreen Webinars

As you may know, evergreen webinars are a profitable way to sell high ticket offers. With the expanded PRO limits, you can generate videos to use as evergreen webinars for your own business and your clients. Furthermore, you can create them in multiple languages to multiply your profits and expand your reach.

Turn Boring eBooks Into Fun
Audiobooks & Sell Them!

These days most people don't have the time to read lengthy ebooks. That's why there is a huge market that caters to using audiobooks. According to a research, audiobooks will hit $19.4 billion in 2027. Here, VidVoicer Pro can help you convert a lengthy ebook into an easy to consume audiobook. Just create an instant voiceover for each chapter and you're good to go. You can also use the Merge feature to create one long audiobook.

People are willing to pay more for Audiobooks, and this is an easy way to instantly make more
profits with minimal extra work.
Remember, there are NO limits to how many you create.

Custom Music On Demand

VidVoicer has a large library of background music tracks available to choose for your projects. As a PRO member, you are also enabled to add your own music to your account. If you don't find a suitable track in our library, you can send your music (or your client's music) to our helpdesk and we will add it to your account at no extra charge. This furthers your ability to create high quality customized projects for yourself and your clients!

Commercial License

Grab full selling rights and keep pure profits.

With the Commercial License of VidVoicer PRO, You can provide:

Podcast Creation services

Audio books creation service

Webinar Creation services

Video creation services

Voiceover Services

Based on the increased size of projects and more flexibility, we estimate that this can multiply your clients and profits by a factor of 30X...

Raise the limits so you can create longer projects, and create an unlimited number of videos and voiceovers in your VidVoicer account.

With VidVoicer PRO's Unlimited Project Access,

You will now be able to create as many videos, voiceovers, podcasts, audiobooks, and webinars as you want using the VidVoicer platform. There are no limits or restrictions to how many projects you can take on.

Use this upgrade to line up client video and voiceover projects for months and years to come. With VidVoicer PRO, you will never run out of good, engaging content for your own business or your clients.

Have you created other videos outside of VidVoicer? With this upgrade, you can also bring in those videos and repurposeyour content by using Merge option in our PRO Commercial License.

Put your VidVoicer account on steroids, upgrade today and unlock additional profit making features...

So, what are my options?

It is a well-known fact that hiring someone else to do what we’re offering can
easily cost you thousands of dollars.

Check out any freelance site and you’ll find that out instantly.

OR. you could also develop a software like VidVoicer Pro, and pay tens of thousands of dollars (and spend months or years) to develop this groundbreaking AI-powered technology.

So, what do you choose today... To skip a truly profitable opportunity, OR to overpay by trying to do it on your own, OR to grab VidVoicer PRO at a one-time low price?

Vidvoicer PRO gives you 30x more firepower to generate more profits and sales. for a small one-time price today.

You can be using all of these great features just minutes from now. VidVoicer PRO has the cutting edge features and technology that you need, AND is easy to use!!

Why should your competitors be raking in all the profits? Grab this PRO upgrade and give yourself an edge over the competition today...

Get Access To VidVoicer PRO Now!

(Personal License $47 )
  • Create Unlimited Longer Voiceovers – up to 5,000 characters per voiceover
  • Video can be up to 2000 characters per video
  • Built-In Video Creator – create HD videos in 5 ways
    1. Convert text into videos (whiteboard videos)
    2. Create videos using searchable images
    3. Create videos directly from Image URLs
    4. Create videos by uploading Images from local
    5. By Uploading video files/clips from your system
  • Custom Music On demand
  • Create Audiobooks from eBooks
  • Create High Ticket Webinars
  • Create Podcasts In Different Languages
  • Built- In video editor To edit Videos
  • Add voiceover, watermark, logos, background music to videos
  • Store Up to 2 GB of videos per month
VidVoicer Pro - Personal Use Downsell

(Commercial License $57 )
  • Create & sell Unlimited Longer Voiceovers – up to 10,000 characters per voiceover
  • Video can be up to 2000 characters per video
  • Merge smaller Voiceover files and create longer voiceovers
  • Built-In Video Creator – create HD videos in 5 ways
    1. Convert text into videos (whiteboard videos)
    2. Create videos using searchable images
    3. Create videos directly from Image URLs
    4. Create videos by uploading Images from local
    5. By Uploading video files/clips from your system
  • Create Videos from content Merge
  • Create Videos through local merge by uploading files from your PC
  • Custom Music On demand
  • Create Audiobooks from eBooks & sell them
  • Create & sell High Ticket Webinars
  • Create & sell Podcasts In Different Languages
  • Built- In video editor To edit Videos
  • Add voiceover, watermark, logos, background music to videos
  • Store Up to 2 GB of videos per month
VidVoicer Pro - Commercial Rights Downsell

You’re Protected By Our 30 Day Money Back Policy!

Like your purchase of VidVoicer, even VidVoicer Pro is covered by our 30-day money back policy.

If you don’t like the software for any reason within these 30 days, let us know and we’ll give you refund instantly.

At the end, it is your satisfaction that matters to us.

Remember, more good videos + voiceovers = more leads
= more sales and more money!

This platform is going to give you a massive head start in making HUGE profits by selling videos, audio books, podcasts, webinars, voiceovers to all businesses and agencies at a time when they are in a desperate situation.

But we know that as a customer the only thing you wanted was… MORE of it.

So, here’s what we did...

We pumped in an insane amount of extra money…

to upgrade our system, design unique merge features, unlocked unlimited access to everything and created something EXCLUSIVELY for you.

That's why VidVoicer Pro is something that will speed up your video creation, unlock professional features, increase your video storage, and raise all the limits, giving you the ability to create studio quality videos, voiceovers, podcasts, audiobooks and webinars for yourself and your clients.

Upgrade Now Before The Price Goes Back to $97 monthly!

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In case you missed the video on the previous page, Here’s why this PRO upgrade is such a big deal:

(With the $10 gift discount on this page you still get
everything in the PRO version, EXCEPT for the 5 bonuses)

I will skip your $10 gift discount. I understand that this PRO upgrade is a powerful upgrade that can help me boost my profits significantly. I also understand that I will be passing on this opportunity and will be accepting my account WITHOUT the increased voiceover limits, WITHOUT the increased video length limits, WITHOUT the increased storage limits, WITHOUT the ability to merge files to create longer voiceovers and videos, WITHOUT the 10,000 HD stock videos, and WITHOUT several additional features. I am ready pass on all this.

Click the "No Thanks" button to continue to your account without this upgrade...

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