Limited To Only 250 Reseller Accounts

Sell Vidvoicer And Keep 100% Of Profits!

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What if there was an easy, 100% 'done for you' way to make money online?

Something that was totally hands free and would empower you to easily start a readymade business with VidVoicer and generate a powerhouse of revenue!

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Today you'll have the opportunity to use our proven products, pages and sell them as your own...

Think about how great it would be to wake up tomorrow to ready-to-go online business with a powerful software like VidVoicer...which sells like hotcakes!

As a Pro user – you can add an extra
$$$$ to your profits by selling VidVoicer
and keeping 100% of profits!

Yes – this upgrade will activate the
Reseller Dashboard right inside your account…

…allowing you to set-up 250 new accounts for your customers charging them a one-time or a monthly fee for access to VidVoicer.

This is a HUGE chance for you to make a MASSIVE ROI.

Your customers would have their separate login credentials and dashboard.

The master control would, however, be always in your hands i.e. in case you resell VidVoicer for a monthly recurring – you can cancel any account in the case on non-payment.

So, now you can profit from VidVoicer by becoming a Reseller.


You receive a new dashboard section, where you get :

  • Done For You Product that includes the software and its cutting-edge features
  • Done for you sales page with YOUR name on it.
  • Done for you sales materials such as images, ads, videos, email swipes and everything you need to advertise it.
  • Get Access, license & rights to sell VidVoicer software
  • 24/7 Customer Support for your customers.

With the VidVoicer Reseller License you can...

Sell VidVoicer Software:

You can sell VidVoicer to Unlimited Customers using our Sales Funnel.

100% Profit Share:

Earn a FULL 100% Profit Share on VidVoicer sales, sell upto 250 copies.

Earn Extra Commission:

Also earn EXTRA commissions from any upgrade sales or upsells using our funnel.

We Take Care of Support:

Yes, it’s completely hands free for you, use our amazing sales funnel and we will take care of all the support tickets for your customers.

It's just like having your OWN PRODUCT to Sell without any development costs or support team, just sell this & pocket 100% profits.

This is the most valuable offer you will come across!

How valuable?

I’m going to show you how you can turn the opportunity on this page into profits of 24 thousand dollars, OR a monthly income big enough to pay for your home mortgage AND a brand new car payment.

And I’ll explain why this reseller opportunity is even better than the reseller licenses you may have seen in the past…

First, this license gives you TWO different options for selling VidVoicer and making 100% of the profits.

For option #1

You’ll be able to set up as many as 250 customer accounts from within your own VidVoicer dashboard.

If you end up making over 250 sales and need to set up more accounts, no problem, we’ll allow you to buy and activate another reseller license at that time for the same price as this one-time offer.

For option #2

You can make an unlimited number of sales.
You can sell a million dollars of VidVoicer, and you still get all the profits. We’re not even taking any royalties.

And again, you’re getting both options with this license, you don’t have to choose just one or the other.

Next, you also get to profit from the upgrades!

For option #1

If you purchased the PRO upgrade or the Content Writer Upgrades, you will ALSO get to SELL those upgrades to YOUR customers and keep 100% of your sales.

For option #2

Your customers will automatically go into our full sales funnel, so you’ll get paid commissions on everything. If you purchased either of those upgrades, you’ll even get 100% commissions on those upgrades.

And by the way, if you didn’t purchase the upgrades but decide you want them later, as a Reseller License holder, we’ll let you do that.

So, how you can earn $24,000 or create
a monthly income big enough to pay
your mortgage and a brand new car?

Here’s how.

First let’s look at option #1.

You can set up 250 accounts with this license.

Let’s suppose you own the PRO edition, which means you can also sell the PRO upgrade.

So let’s say you sell those 250 accounts for $97 each, including the PRO upgrade for each customer.

That would be a great bundle offer, and you would actually be beating our price.
250 x $97 is $24,250

Now here’s another possibility. Instead of selling them for $97, you could sell them for a monthly fee. Let’s say $9.95 per month.

Again you would be beating our price like crazy on that, making it easy to make sales.
250 x $9.95/month = $2487.50 per month.

I did some research and while the average mortgage paying is the USA is $1159, they said the median number of $1609 would be a more accurate average, so we’ll go with $1609.

I then looked at the average car payment in the USA, and the average for brand new vehicles is $644. You can get a nice new car for that.

$1609 + $644 = $2253 per month to OWN a house and car.
Remember the number we just looked at.

250 x $9.95/month = $2487.50 per month
That’s more than enough, so you could actually get a bigger house, or maybe upgrade to a Lexus or a nice Tesla.

And what about option #2?

Well if you send your referrals directly into our sales funnel, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll actually make MORE than 25 thousand dollars, because you’ll be earning commissions on everything.

So, Here’s The SECRET of Having Your Own
Software Business

That gets you a bigger house or a nice Tesla - Without Any Of The Headaches.

We deliver you everything you need to start making sales... Marketing Pages, Sales Videos and Members Area! You need to do Just a little effort at your end – Drive traffic. But the more work you do, the more you will earn and that’s it.

You don’t require any :

Absolutely Not!

When we are here we will provide you everything DFY to start selling and earning.

If you do not have a product of your own to sell online, then this is an excellent opportunity for you to earn profits.

Even if you have your own product,  

You can resell VidVoicer and set up another profitable revenue stream for yourself.

With more and more Online entrepreneurs ready to pay exuberant money for video creation & voiceover services, this is the right product that can skyrocket your profits and take your business to the next level.

Just Leverage Our Knowledge, Skills, Marketing Material To Earn 100% Hands-Free Recurring Income…

The VidVoicer Reseller Upgrade is completely Done-For-You where you just drive traffic to the Reseller Link, sit back and get paid.

Making Money with VidVoicer Reseller is super-easy..
Just follow these 3 simple steps…

Step 1

Get your reseller link today

Step 2

Send Traffic to our high converting sales page with your reseller link

Step 3

Earn 100% Commissions

30 Day Money Back Policy!!

Yes! Don’t forget, VidVoicer Reseller comes with 30 days money back policy to try and test, and make sure this is for you.

If you realize you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we’ll get you a refund.
So, it’s totally a Risk-free deal!


Well, this is a rare opportunity

That you have come across to obtain the permission to sell this software as your own.

We have been consistently investing in months of research, testing and thousands of dollars in development of VidVoicer software.

...and now you can simply grab this successful, breakthrough A.I based technology and start reselling VidVoicer for 100% profits.

Don’t dare to miss this…. because this is the final upgrade option and probably the most valuable.

So, you can be the lucky one who grabs this Reseller System - sit back, relax, and watch the money come flying in.

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